5 Good Questions to Ask Your Mechanic When Considering a Transmission Rebuild

Asking your mechanic important questions is vital in order to get the best service possible. If you are considering a transmission rebuild there are probably lots of questions racing through your mind, and you may feel stressed, and confused. But don’t worry! Asking your mechanic some simple questions will reduce your stress, and make sure you get the service you need.

Do I Really Need A Rebuild?

The first question you should always ask your mechanic is “Do I really need a transmission rebuild?” Make sure that your transmission is completely dead before you rush to get your entire transmission rebuilt. Often times it only takes a simple repair, not an entire rebuild, to get your car back in driving condition. Be 100% sure before you end up paying more than you have to.

How Much Will This Cost?

If you are 100% sure your transmission needs a rebuild, it’s time to ask “How much will a complete transmission rebuild cost?” While choosing to rebuild a transmission is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one, you should still get several estimates to make sure you are getting the best price and service for your money. Some mechanics will even give free estimates without obligation. If cost is a serious problem for you, many mechanics offer payment plans to help you out.

Can I Trust This Mechanic?

Everyone has heard stories of cheapskate mechanics who rip you off and give dubious repairs. Making sure you’re using a qualified, and professional mechanic are essential in getting a transmission rebuild that has lasting quality. Ask “are you qualified?” check trusted review sites, like Angie’s List that have legitimate customer reviews, and make sure your mechanics’ shop is a member of the Better Business Bureau. A quality mechanic is a difference between a one-time repair and a lifetime of car troubles.

Are You a Specialty Shop?

Often times automotive repair companies specialize in fixing particular vehicle issues. When using a general automotive repair shop, you can’t be guaranteed that anyone has the expertise related to your problem. Asking your mechanic “Do you specialize in transmission repair and rebuilds?” is a key to seeing if your mechanic really knows what they’re doing. Finding a mechanic that specializes in transmission rebuilds is your best bet for getting the highest quality service.

What Went Wrong?

Asking your mechanic about the root cause of your transmission troubles can endow you with valuable knowledge on how to treat your transmission in the future. Mechanics knows a lot about vehicles, and their advice can help keep you out of the shop for further pricey repairs and rebuilds. Don’t be afraid to ask “What did I do wrong?” friendly mechanics is always willing to talk about cars, and give you helpful advice. Be proactive and get any questions you have about your transmission rebuild out of the way.

As you have read, asking your mechanic some simple questions can save you a lot of time, stress, and most importantly money. When considering a transmission rebuild, don’t be shy to pick your mechanics brain with these five questions to ensure you are making the right choice. For a free estimate, towing, and diagnosis with a reputable transmission rebuilder and repair company visit http://transmissionrepairpinevillenc.com/

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