5 Ways To Avoid Major Transmission Repairs With The Proper Maintenance

Your automatic or manual transmission is the nervous system of your car- it is responsible for allowing power created by your engine to be converted into rotational energy (torque). Without a transmission your car couldn’t move! If you are the owner of a vehicle with either an automatic or manual transmission, taking simple steps to avoid major transmission repairs is key in your cars health and longevity.

Checking Your Transmission Fluid Level

Checking your transmission fluid level on a regular basis is an essential step in avoiding costly transmission repairs. Using the transmission fluid dipstick under the hood of your car check the levels of your transmission fluid by wiping with a paper towel and re-dipping. If after removing the dipstick the levels indicate ‘low’ or ‘cold’, you may have a transmission fluid leak. If you think you have a leak, many mechanics will give a free diagnostic and cost estimate without obligation.

Checking Transmission Fluid Quality

The quality of your cars transmission fluid is a sign of overall system health. The color, smell, and texture of your transmission fluid are all factors in identifying a transmission problem. Healthy transmission fluid is red in color, is oily and slick to the touch, and has a petroleum-like smell. If your fluid is smells burnt, or is brown it may be time for the fluid to be changed.

Regular Service Checkups

Getting your car serviced on every scheduled checkup date is vital in avoiding major complications with your car. Professional mechanics will be able to notice, and diagnose small problems which can be fixed easily, avoiding a major transmission repair or rebuild. Don’t be afraid to ask a mechanic how to check fluid levels, or identify signs of an early transmission problem, it’s easy and they will be glad to show you. While the transmission does not require the same amount of checkups as your car’s engine, neglecting to service your car regularly can lead to serious and costly issues.

Use Your Brake

When driving a car with a manual transmission it is very important that you always use the break when shifting gears. Shifting too quickly without using the break could damage your transmission requiring pricey transmission repair, or in the worst case, a complete transmission rebuild. Go easy on your transmission, using the brake allows your clutch to transmission gears much more smoothly.

Avoid Car Overheating

90% transmission failures begin with excessive overheating. An overheating car can damage your transmission, and may be an initial sign that something is wrong. In the hot summer months it is important to always keep your coolant levels high, and park your car in the shade when you can. Avoiding constant heavy towing, stop and go traffic, and following steps above can help avoid an overheating problem.

As you can see, taking simple steps in proper maintenance can help you avoid more serious transmission repairs in the future. By checking your fluids, getting regular service checkups, using your brake, and avoiding overheating you can guarantee a healthy transmission.   If you are worried that you’re facing is a serious transmission problem, contact the transmission repair experts @ http://transmissionrepairpinevillenc.com/

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