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Reasons for Using Twin Transmission

With so many companies offering services, you may feel overwhelmed when needing help with a transmission problem. However, for superior transmission repair in Pineville, NC, and the surrounding area, you will never go wrong with Twin Transmission.

As vehicles age, things will begin to go wrong, one being the transmission. Because a transmission repair and rebuild is often a big expense, you definitely want to choose a trusted company. At Twin Transmission, you get the benefit of 30-plus years of experience, unrivaled expertise, and outstanding customer service from start to finish.

Today, our mechanics repair more than 1,000 transmissions every year, regardless of the vehicle make and model. For virtually all transmission problems, our highly qualified mechanics will perform the work to perfection to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly.

We take pride in the level of customer service offered, which today is a rarity. In addition to free towing to our shop, we offer full diagnostic testing and a free, no obligation estimate for all necessary repairs. By choosing Twin Transmission, you will be provided with an incredible three-year warranty, regardless of the number of miles that you typically drive in any given year.

To make things easier for our customers, Twin Transmission offers 0% financing on all repair work. In addition, we can provide you with alternative payment options based on your personal budget.

To understand the caliber of work performed at Twin Transmission, we invite you to visit various service review and social media websites, where you will find positive feedback from many of our satisfied customers. Nowhere in Pineville, NC, or the surrounding area will you find a company more dedicated than Twin Transmission.

As a bonus, we offer our customers incentives. As an example, when having your transmission rebuilt, you can get $200 off the final price. To learn more, simply visit our website’s homepage.

Sadly, many people have been victimized by a “bait and switch” scheme. People are provided one quote, but after the work is complete and they go to pay, the amount is dramatically higher. We will never hide fees. For that reason, all pricing is upfront.

Specific to car maintenance and transmission issues, please browse our website for helpful tips and professional advice. Because we care about our customers and the vehicles that they drive, we promise to do whatever it takes to fix the problem right the first time.

During our 30-year history, Twin Transmission has served thousands of customers. For the absolute highest quality service and expertise, you cannot beat what we offer. Knowing that your vehicle is being repaired by true experts creates needed peace of mind. For any transmission problem in Pineville, NC, you can always count on the entire team at Twin Transmission.

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