How to Find a Good Used Transmission for Your Vehicle

Transmission being a very important part of any car, it needs to be very well maintained which means it should be functioning properly and any slight problem should be fixed as soon as possible. A big mechanical issue might lead to a transmission repair or rebuild which can be a pain in the wallet. When it comes to a repair, purchasing a new transmission can be more expensive than getting an old one but either way, it can be tricky. You could be wondering how you can purchase the best used transmission for your car but here is how you can find a good one.

Get a guarantee 

When you purchase a used transmission, you are investing your money and putting your trust on the seller that what you are purchasing is going to work. Despite the trust and a word of mouth from the seller, anything can happen during the transportation and installation that might end up leading to the transmission failure. Ensure you have the guarantee of the seller in writing by getting product warranty or an insurance policy. The guarantee can either give you a replacement or money back but either way, you are sure you will not lose your money.

Know what you want

You cannot just buy any transmission and this is why you need to know exactly what you are looking for when considering a transmission repair. Just because they say purchasing a used manual transmission is easier than buying an automatic one, it doesn’t mean that you cannot buy a used automatic transmission. Just know the make and the model that you want to narrow down on your search. When purchasing, explain to the dealer what you are looking for, give the VIN number, your car model and make as well as the year of manufacturing.

Use referrals and reviews

Buying a used transmission is not an easy task as you may be forced to move from one dealer to the other in search of a high quality used transmission. Due to this, you can seek advice from those that have bought one before or even visit several websites to look out for reviews. Using references and reviews will help you to narrow down on a good dealer who is known for quality products and years of experience. For those that have followed reviews and referrals whether negative or positive, they can guarantee that you can never go wrong with this.

You should be wise when purchasing a used transmission otherwise you are going to regret every moment of your purchase. A transmission repair may cost thousands of dollars which is a lot of money to invest on anything thus you should be very cautious. Compare what different dealers are offering, get to know where you are purchasing from and know what you want exactly. Apart from going to a dealer physically, you can always shop online if it is more convenient for you.

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