How to Keep Your Transmission from Overheating

The constant stop and go and the taxing heave and ho of driving can not only be a burden on your time, money and body, but can also put a lot of pressure on your vehicle’s transmission. As it is an essential element of your car, it is important to preserve and pay attention to any unusual occurrences with your transmission. One of the most frequently experienced issues comes in the form of overheating. Save yourself from the costly expense of transmission repair or rebuilding by implementing these few techniques to prevent the overheating of your transmission.

Install a Transmission Cooler

Increases in the temperature of your transmission fluids are at the top of the list of reasons for transmission overheating. Particularly when you live in especially hot climates or in the city where the constant friction of breaking an acceleration of your vehicle forces your transmission to work harder than normal. Every 20 degrees your fluid temperature is able to drop allows for a significant increase in your transmission’s lifespan. If you tend to haul heavy loads in your vehicle more often than not, then you should consider adding an external cooler; these can attach to the front of your car’s radiator and maintain a natural temperature in your transmission.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

If you are not inclined to invest in an alternative form of cooling for your transmission then make a habit of checking your transmission fluids regularly, this is something that you can do yourself. Car owners should check their car fluids often, this will allow you to notice any discrepancies in the fluid such as low levels, burnt or dirty liquid. Check your transmission every six months or so; if you see the color starting to turn brown as opposed to the original red then it is time to replace the fluid. By putting this preventive maintenance in place, you can be sure to avoid any transmission problems than can occur with overheating.

Purchase a Deep Transmission Pan

If you are experiencing frequent overheating of your transmission, you should consider purchasing a deeper transmission pan. These pans hold the automatic transmission fluid and, by adding a deeper pan, will allow you to cool the transmission easier by holding more transmission fluid. If you wish to ensure even higher rates of cooling, consider using pans made of aluminum rather than steel as they allow the heat to dissipate better. With this additional cooling capacity you are guaranteed a better performance of your transmission and ultimately of your vehicle.

By following these tips and making sure you participate in regular checkups, you can be sure to lengthen the life span of your transmission. If there is a problem, do not ignore it; not addressing and issue as soon as it present itself has the potential to turn an easy fix into a costly auto repair. Be attentive to your vehicle, not only will you save money, but you will have lessened your risk for any further damage.

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