Transmission Rebuild

Tips for Avoiding Some of the More Common Problems with Transmissions in Pineville, NC

Most people have a decent understanding of how automobiles work and what it takes to keep them running. However, when it comes to the transmission, few people have knowledge. Therefore, they do not know the warning signs of a potential problem. Instead of spending a fortune on a transmission rebuild in Pineville, NC, take the time to learn about some of the more common problems and ways of preventing problems.

  • Fluid Leak – Of all the transmission problems, leaking fluid is probably the most common. The easiest way to spot trouble is by looking on the ground where you park your vehicle. If you see standing fluid or stains from where fluid has already dried, you need to bring your vehicle to us at Twin Transmission for a professional diagnosis.
  • Fluid Changes – Having the fluid in your transmission changed on a frequent basis is imperative. Once the level of fluid begins to diminish, several problems can arise. For instance, the fluid will actually start to burn. In addition, any fluid left in the reserve becomes old and ineffective. Another issue is that the gears are not properly protected, which can lead to complete transmission failure. Keep in mind that with a transmission fluid replacement, only 65% new fluid is added. Therefore, instead of going strictly by the schedule recommended by the manufacturer, you want to have the fluid changed more often.
  • Shifting Gears – If the vehicle is in forward motion, you never want to try shifting the gear into park or reverse. By doing so, the transmission could be severely damaged. Typically, you will notice that your vehicle lurches as it stops. In some cases, the gears will grind. At that point, you risk major and potentially irreversible damage.
  • Force Shifting – Something else to consider in association with the gears is that you never want to shift from park to drive or reverse without having one foot on the brake pedal. Although it is easy to get in a hurry, by having pressure applied to the brake, there is no mechanical force on the gears caused by shifting prematurely.

The truth is that some automobiles have more trouble with the transmission than others do. However, no matter the make and model of vehicle that you drive, the best way to prevent a problem is by becoming educated about signs and what they mean. Being aware of potential issues will help keep your vehicle in optimal condition so that it lasts longer than expected.

For all transmission problems, even something as simple as a fluid change, it is important that you have your vehicle checked and worked on by a qualified Pineville, NC, mechanic. Instead of trusting your transmission repair to just anyone, there is absolute confidence in the work performed at Twin Transmission.

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