Transmission Repair

Transmissions and Common Problems in Pineville, NC

In looking at transmissions, they are all much the same, regardless of the vehicle. However, for some, a rebuilt transmission creates a number of unique challenges. Of course, the exact problem, as well as the degree of severity, varies from one vehicle to another. Overall, there are distinct similarities.

For a rebuilt transmission, many problems are shared across the board. Becoming educated about what these problems are, as well as associated symptoms, will make it easier for you to identify when something is wrong. That way, you can avoid needing a major transmission repair in Pineville, NC.

With a rebuilt transmission, leaking fluid is common, although there are different causes. For instance, a deteriorating valve is usually the culprit. When valves wear out, transmission fluid leaks. If not repaired, the leak will worsen to the point that major damage is done to the transmission. If you see fluid where you park your vehicle, bring it to us at Twin Transmission for a diagnosis.

Slipping gears is another issue, especially if the transmission in your vehicle has been rebuilt. If you find that the gears slip when driving, it is important that you get professional advice immediately. As expected, this makes driving difficult.

With a rebuilt transmission, you might experience a jerking motion when moving forward. Although some people ignore this bucking sensation and continue to drive, this is a serious problem that needs to be professionally addressed. What happens is that there is not enough power going to the wheels for taking off. In addition to making driving tough, this increases the risk of an accident.

No driver wants to see an illuminated “check engine” light. Immediately, the mind conjures up all kinds of thoughts, all bad. However, there is no reason to panic since sometimes the light indicates something minor. To be on the safe side, have one of our highly qualified mechanics at Twin Transmission look at your vehicle. If a problem with the transmission is identified, we can repair it correctly.

A strange occurrence in relation to a rebuilt transmission is that while the vehicle turns, it will not move if the wheels are turned. Facing this dilemma would make parking impossible and driving more than difficult. If this is something that your vehicle is doing, we can perform professional diagnostic testing and provide you with a free estimate for having the issue resolved.

Especially for rebuilt transmissions, you would do yourself a huge disservice by not becoming somewhat knowledgeable about problems and associated symptoms. In this case, a little bit of education will go a long way in saving you money and frustration. For complete peace of mind, Twin Transmission is considered the premier place for transmission repair in Pineville, NC, and the surrounding area.

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