Ways to Fix an Automatic Transmission That Stays in Low Gear

A variety of switches, gears and electronic sensors control the hydraulic pressure of an automatic transmission car to allow an automatic shifting of gears. If any of these is faulty, then you are guaranteed of a problem with the car. The main problem comes when you start the car and try to accelerate. The engine happens to make a lot of noise and moves at a speed but the gear won’t shift from the lower one to a higher one which strains the car. In such a case, there are several ways in which you can fix an automatic transmission that stays in low gear without a major transmission rebuild. Here are some of them.

Check on the transmission fluid 

Transmission fluid is one of the most significant things that allow a transmission to work perfectly. If your car is stuck in the low gear, the first thing that you should do is to check of the level and the colour of the transmission fluid. If the level is low than required, add the right type of the fluid without overfilling and if the colour is red, that is in order. If the colour is dark red or brown, it should be changed immediately to avoid major mechanical issues.

Electronic Sensors

Playing a big role in the selection of gears, a failure with the electronic sensors can lead to the car being stuck in low gear. If the electronic sensors have an issue, you should seek the assistance of a professional as it needs special attention and tools to repair. Get the electronic sensors fixed so as not to spend more on transmission rebuild. In general, the sensors supply data such as the load of the engine, throttle’s position and the speed of the car to the computer.

Change the transmission filter

Located on a pan at the bottom of the transmission, a filter is supposed to trap all foreign particles in the fluid just like the oil filter. The filter might need to be changed in order to solve some mechanical issues such as the car being stuck in low gear. If you decide to change the transmission filter, ensure that you use the correct one otherwise, you will encounter more issues. You can change a filter in less than an hour.

Linkage Rods or Cables

At times, the transmission shift selector linkage might be bent, broken or even not properly aligned. This needs to be sorted. Some of the automatic transmission cars use linkage rods that need adjustment to function properly. If you decide not to have it sorted by a professional, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for adjusting it.

When your car gets stuck in low gear, ensure you check on all the above since at times you cannot really tell where the problem lies. Fixing a small problem helps a great deal in avoiding a transmission rebuild in future. If it is not possible for you to check on all of the above, visit your local auto dealer or mechanic to help in this.

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